Statement of Prince Mohammed El Hassan El Rida, El Senussi, Crown Prince of Libya, on the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

King Idris with Queen Elizabeth II

I extend my deepest, most heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family and to the whole British people on the occasion of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 
Her Majesty The Queen redefined what it means to be a monarch in the 21st Century. She ruled not with force, but through her example of dignity and faith. She did not take her illustrious birth-right for granted, but used it to bring comfort and unity to her people. She lived for her country; it loved her in return. Today, The Queen unites her people in death as she did throughout her life of service.  
For almost a century, as the British people walked the treacherous path of history, and as the world around them changed, The Queen was a beacon of hope. Through the devastation of war to the prosperity that Britain knows today, The Queen ruled with wisdom, compassion, and an undying commitment to the duty that The Almighty thrust upon her at a young age. The history of four different nations—England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales—was united in her. With grace and purpose, she represented those four nations as Queen of the United Kingdom, and embodied the unity of those nations and all of Britain’s diverse peoples. The Queen did not only live through history; she embodied it. 
For Libyans, the Queen’s passing means the loss of a link to a happier time in our own history. The Queen’s first visit to an Arab country—and the second of the 152 state visits she would make over her long life—was to Tobruk in 1954, where she met with His Majesty King Idris (May God rest his soul.) 
In 1940, then-Princess Elizbeth spoke to her people as they were plunged into the heart of war: “When peace comes, it will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place.” Her message of hope rings true for the people of Libya and the world today. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with His Majesty The King, The Queen Consort, and the entire Royal Family at this time of loss and sadness. May The Almighty have mercy on Her soul.  
Mohammed El Senussi 
London, England