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Prince Mohammed El Senussi’s Speech to the Libyan Nation

On December 24th, 2021, the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Libya’s Independence

Dear Libyan people,

Today we remember a momentous day in the history of our Libyan nation, and recall the significant impact this day has had on our country. December 24, 1951 was not like any other day in our beloved country’s history. Rather, it was the most prominent event in our country’s modern history and a turning point in the history of a people who over many decades struggled for freedom, dignity and independence.

Thanks to this struggle, whose achievements we celebrate today, our country, with the determination and patience of its men and women, and under the unifying umbrella of the national Independence Constitution, was able to take its first steps towards the building of a state based on the rule of law and functioning institutions. We are proud of this Independence Constitution. Its strengths enabled us to establish a democratic state where people could attain their personal aspirations, within a society where justice and equality prevailed.

During this past decade, closely and with great interest we monitored the events and developments that our country has experienced. Undoubtedly these have had many sources and causes both from within and without our country. But tragically, the results have been mostly negative, with budgets wasted on unnecessary expenditures, the wealth of our country looted, property destroyed and countless people displaced and killed unjustly and unnecessarily.

During these almost eleven years, our people have continued to be patient, yearning that our country would finally see the glimmer of hope that we have long been awaiting. Throughout this critical period for our nation, we welcomed all calls for peacemaking and dialogue, and encouraged every initiative that might preserve our unity and territorial integrity, and protect our country from the evil of conflict, war and sedition. But we firmly believed, and continue to believe and emphasise, that no solution will succeed, even with consensus, so long as it does not adopt our national Independence Constitution and laws as its basis.

Notwithstanding, during this critical period, we made sure to continue to render assistance, and encouraged everyone to look beyond considerations of power and money, and instead stand with the Libyan people, and honour their right to choose the system of government to which they aspire; a state governed by strong institutions and laws.

At the same time, over the past decades, we made sure to preserve our father’s and grandfathers’ will with which we were entrusted, that the restoration of the constitutional monarchy should continue to be able to serve as an umbrella for Libyans of all denominations, ethnicities, beliefs and orientations. To provide for a state that enables constructive disagreements that lead to its strengthening and development, not to division or conflict.

We are confident that the wealth of our country will guarantee its eventual recovery and prosperity for this and future generations, if and only if, we are able to forgive each other and unite. God save Libya and God save its people.

Prince Mohammed El Hasan El Rida El Senussi

December 24, 2021