Crown Prince’s visit to the United States

The magazines Almahrifa (knowledge) had published in its both issues for November and December of 1962 an illustrated reportage for the visit of his Royal Highness Prince El- Senussi, Crown Prince of Libya to the United States of America in October 15, 1962 and his meeting with President John Kennedy. The historic visit has established a testimony of Libya’s international reputation and its distinguished prestige in the royal era. 

The following is the reportage as published by the magazine in its both issues.

The travel of His Royal Highness to the U.S at the invitation of President Kennedy

President Kennedy welcomes His Royal Highness the Crown Prince in front of the White House

In the morning of that day the activities, especially at the airport was, unusual traffic police of Tripoli police force wearing their beautiful costumes stride the streets on their motorbikes and the governmental black cars were going at full speed heading to the airport. A large crowd and members of the press, and broadcasting station, stood on the side of the airport opposite to a giant airplane painted with blue and white color occupying a large area of the airport. 
The jet model (F-S 137) was in fact the official plane of president John Kennedy and it belongs to (Air Force One) of U.S.

The occasion was the journey of His Royal Highness Prince El-hasan El-rida, Crown Prince, to the U.S to start an official visit of nine days at the invitation of President Kennedy.

And before the date of travel of beloved Prince, Senator Benjamin Smith, who was sent by President Kennedy as his personal representative to accompany the Prince to the United States, had arrived in Tripoli accompanied by a number of U.S. officials.

In the morning Ambassador Angier Duke, U.S. Chief of Protocol had arrived in Tripoli, where His Excellency the U.S. Ambassador in Libya set up in honor of him, a reception which was attended by a large number of officials and dignitaries.

Senator Smith was received by Mr. Fathi AlKhoja ‘Chief of Royal Protocol, a representative of the Great King and His Highness the Emir, the Heir Apparent, to welcome him. It was also in the receiving chief Mohammed Alzentoty’ Director General of federal police, on behalf of Mr. Prime Minister In addition to Mohamed Bek Derna. Acting minister of the Interior and the director of Agriculture on behalf of the government of province, and Ali Hassanein, Minister Plenipotentiary on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Fahmy Alhamaly on behalf of the Ministry of news and guidance, and Colonel Abdul Hameed Bek Derna, deputy director of Tripoli police, and His Excellency Mr. John Wesley Jones, the U.S. ambassador and senior U.S. embassy officials.

After Senator Smith and his wife and the delegation that arrived with him shook hands with receivers, he delivered a statement to the press in which he said: my arrival to Libya rise to the experience and does not involve only a great happiness, but also great honour.

I am confident that the forthcoming visit will result in increased knowledge and understanding between our two peoples.

In the morning of the next day of the arrival the personal representative of President Kennedy to Tripoli, went to the Alghold Palace accompanied by His Excellency Ambassador Angier Duke, Chief of Protocol of America, His Excellency Mr. John Wesley Jones, the U.S. ambassador in Libya, and registered in the Register of Royal Protocol.

Then Senator Smith and Mr. Duke aimed to home of His Royal Highness Crown Prince, where they had the privilege to meet him, and then met His Excellency Mohammed Othman Alsayd Prime Minister in his office.

At noon, Senator Benjamin Smith and members of the accompanying delegation visited the archeological city of Sabrata and were received there by Messrs. Amr Bin Suleiman, chief governors of Western Province, and Noureddine Shalli, Director of Antiquities, Colonel Abdul Hameed Bik Darna, deputy director of police. 

After eating lunch at the invitation of the Libyan government, the guests visited the Eternal Antiquities then returned back to Tripoli. In the evening Mr Wanees Algaddafi, the foreign minister, invited the delegation to a banquet in the luxury hotel Libya Palace in honor of Senator Smith and Ambassador Duke. The banquet was attended by senior state officials.

In the conservation and care of God

The convoy of His Royal Highness Crown Prince arrived to the airport of Mallaha, accompanied by the Prime Minister Mohammed Othman Assayd.

The convoy was also accompanied with His Excellency Fadel Bin Zekri the governor of Tripoli and Abdula Abid Alsanousi.

Nouri Alsiddiq Army Chief of Staff was among the depositors of His Royal Highness Crown Prince 

His Royal Highness Crown Prince was accompanied by Libyan delegation consisted of gentlemen: Wanees Algaddafi, the foreign minister, and Yunus Abdualnabi Bilghyr, the defense minister, and Khalifa Mosa, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of news and guidance, and Abdullah Sikta, director general of construction, Fathi Alkhoja, chief of Royal Protocol, and Bulkasim Alghemari, Private Secretary to His Royal Highness the Prince, Colonel Idrees Alesawi, Vice Chief of Army Staff, and Colonel Rasim Alnaili, Special Chief of Protocol of His Highness the Prince, and one staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Then His Royal Highness the Crown Prince boarded the aircraft, which took him to the United States.

President Kennedy plane (Air Force One) whitch carried the Crown Prince and his accompanying delegation to the
United States, a first trip outside the United States