The national anthem of Libya


Oh my country! With my struggle and my patience
Drive off enemies and mishaps,
And survive!
Survive all through; we are your ransom
Oh Libya! 

Oh my country! You are the heritage of grandfathers,
May God cast off any hand that would harm you
Do survive! We are for ever your soldiers,
If you survive we care not who perishes.
To you we give solemn pledges
that we, Oh Libya, will never fail you.
We will never go back to fetters, we have been liberated, and we have freed our home country

Our grandfathers carried their swords when struggle called on them
Carrying the holy Quran in a hand, and the swords in the other
They fought till they spread religion, peace and prosperity all over the world
Eternity for them
They have built our integrity

Salute Idris the descendant of conquerors
He is the figure of struggle and Jehad
He carried our flag high
And we followed him to free our land
He built the glory of his throne
And took Libya to the skies
A free flag
Over a prosperous country

Idris, the son of Libya, the son of lions
We are for glory
And glory is yours
Since we began our struggle, all people were with us
May god protect our independence
Seek the ultimate heights

And be ready for the struggle, our youth
Life is a war for the glory of our home land
Libya, Libya