Chapter I: Form of the State and System of Government

Article 1

Libya is a free independent sovereign State. Neither its sovereignty nor any part of its territories may be relinquished.

Article 2

Libya is a State having a hereditary monarchy, and its system of Government is representative. Its name is “THE KINGDOM OF LIBYA”.

Article 3

The Kingdom of Libya is a part of the Arab Home Land and a portion of the African Continent.

Article 4

The boundaries of the Kingdom of Libya are:-On the North: the Mediterranean Sea.On the East: the United Arab Republic and the Republic of Sudan. On the South: the Republic of Sudan, Chad, Niger and Algeria.On the West: the Republics of Tunisia and Algeria.

Article 5

Islam is the religion of the State.

Article 6

The emblem of the State and its national anthem shall be prescribed by a law.

Article 7

The national flag shall have the following shape and dimensions:- Its length shall be twice its breadth, it shall be divided into three parallel coloured stripes, the uppermost being red, the centre black and the lowest green, the black stripe shall be equal in area to the two other stripes together and shall bear in its centre a white crescent, between the two extremities of which there shall be a five-pointed white star.