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Personal Message 16/8/2011

I address you today in the middle of the holy month as many, many brave people fight with determination and resolve for Libya’s freedom and the country’s future.

Six months ago a group of innocent and unarmed Libyans protesting for change were fired upon by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s security forces.

Since that fateful day in Benghazi – the 17th of February – the people of Libya have risen and fought a tiring and arduous struggle against Gaddafi’s despotic regime and his mercenary soldiers.

Day after day, week after week, most of the nation has stood together, united against the tyrant as brave freedom fighters have taken up arms.

They have come from all over Libya and have united in their efforts to rid the country of evil.

They are together as one in their endeavours. And their staunch bravery on the front lines will bring unity to our country. And I am confident of success sooner rather than later.

They are patriots. They are heroes. They are the real people of Libya.

And during this holy month we owe it to the memory of the brave Libyans who have fought for freedom and paid the ultimate price with their lives that we never forget the sacrifices they have made.

But this long struggle, one that has been longer than we had hoped, is not yet over.

And yet it has shown the world one thing. That the Libyan people are united and want to be free.

Our freedom will come. History has shown that we can succeed and I believe most strongly that we will, indeed, succeed.

In 1940 the people of Libya came together, just as they are doing today, when my great uncle King Idris established the Senussi army.

Towns and villages across Libya stood up to the colonialist oppressor. Cities were united in opposition. Families rallied round. People toiled, and fought, and gave their lives.

And in 1951 freedom was finally achieved as our country was granted independence.

Today’s struggle is no different.

Yet again we face an enemy motivated by evil, and whose only aim is to suppress and control our people.

It is a murderous regime hell bent on indiscriminate killings, stealing and squandering the wealth of our country and brutally trying to snuff out the spirit of the Libyan people.

So we must continue to strive for freedom and for our right to live freely in our country.

In order for Libya to take its place amongst the great nations of the world we must work together as one people.

United we must fight for a new society in which the freedoms and rights of the people come first.

We must protect the rights of each and every Libyan – to ensure that never again can a tyrant take lives, steal property or misappropriate our country’s wealth.

Libya’s future must be in the hands of the Libyan people.

It is your future. May peace be with you and may freedom be upon you.