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New book
The Senussi Dynasty: The family that made Libya

The Senussi Dynasty: The Family That Made Libya is the most recent, and most extensive survey to date of both the Senussiya movement and the Senussi family in Libya in the English language, extending from the beginnings of the Senussi tariqah in the 18th Century to the post-Gaddafi era of the present day.

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In the news

The High Cost of Libya’s Leadership Deficit

By HRH Mohammed el-Senussi

Recent floods in Derna show that Libya’s woes will not end until the country establishes a stable political settlement.
The National Interest

The UN’s Failures Require a New Path in Libya

By Khaled Assari

Constitutional monarchy, which attunes with Libya’s history, remains Libya’s path to democracy.
Morocco World News

Monarchy May Be Just the Solution Libya Needs: A Libyan Royalist Makes the Case

By Francisco Carrión

Mohamed el Senussi se ofrece para rescatar su país, sumido en el caos y la violencia desde la caída de Muamar Gadafi en 2011
El Independiente

It’s Time to Seriously Revaluate America’s Flawed Libya Policy

By Alamin Shtiwi Abolmagir

The recently published US strategic plan for Libya, termed a 10-year strategy document, demonstrates all the weaknesses of the American policy planning and diplomatic establishment. A closer analysis of the plan reveals what it is: a strategic abdication, an instrument of surrender on Libya’s political future.
Modern Diplomacy

As its Crown Prince, I want to see a new, democratic Libya and a stronger Europe

By HRH Mohammed el-Senussi

With the country remaining fractious and unstable, having suffered through two brutal civil wars, there is no apparent path forward because external actors have not understood that Libyans are the key to lasting peace in their country, Mohammed el-Senussi writes.

Libya’s “Crown Prince” Calls for Return of Monarchy

By Hasanain Mohamed

Mohammed El Senussi, the son of the late Crown Prince of Libya, Hasan El-Senussi called for the return of the Libyan monarchy, and the resumption of work on the constitution which founded the state.
Libya Review

Il principe ereditario libico: “Su migranti e gas l’Italia rischia grosso”

By Giuseppe Salvaggiulo

Mohammed El Senussi: «Senza uno Stato, una guerra civile ogni due anni. La monarchia può unificare un Paese diviso»
La Stampa

Libya’s Crown Prince Has A Plan To Attract Investors And A Unique Leadership Arc

By Joseph Hammond

The son of Libya’s last monarchical ruler has a plan to revitalize and stabilize his oil-rich nation. In 2011, Libyans overthrew 42 years of rule by socialist dictator Muammar Ghazzafi. Millions of Libya embraced the flag and national anthem of Libya’s former monarchy.

Libyan Crown Prince El Senussi to TML: 1951 constitution is portal to future

By Majdi Halabi

The 1951 Libyan constitution, was considered to be highly progressive at the time of its approval, particularly with regard to women’s rights
Jerusalem Post