Statement of Prince Mohammed El Senussi on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

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Libya Has Another Chance at Democracy; Bring back the Independence Constitution of 1951

By Prince Mohammed El Senussi

Libya was founded as a democracy. It is not too late to be a democracy again.
Wall Street Journal

Can a Constitutional Monarchy Save Libya from Chaos?

Sometimes one must look to the past for the right way forward. The monarchy is just the glue a shattered Libya needs.
The National Interest

Could a Monarch Heal Libya?

The country needs a unifying figure. Ahead of elections this year, it’s worth considering a constitutional monarchy.

A return to a constitutional monarchy may solve Libya’s problems

When it comes to choosing their next chapter, some Libyans have already identified a promising path forward: restoring the 1951 constitution, which called for a representative, technocratic government with a hereditary monarch.
Atlantic Council

The Ramifications Of A Lack Of A National Identity In Libya – Analysis

Instead of marking independence day with such potentially harmful elections, then, Libyans should look to the man who took the crown on that day in 1951: King Idris.
Eurasia Review

De-radicalising Western foreign policy

A pivot to “ national identity ” — an alternative vision of politics that focuses on history and national unity, rather than projection and hopeless mimetic theories — offers an opportunity to overcome this systemic impediment.
The Article

Dismantling and Rebuilding Our Libyan Ship

Many do not know that Libya was once united, even before Germany and the United States. It was united in the 18th century, long before Italy’s consulates of Tuscany and Genoa existed in Tripoli.
Ahram Online