28 March 2011

“The fight by the Libyan people against the murderous Gaddafi regime is at a critical stage” he said.“The Libyan people look forward to a future built upon peace, freedom and democracy. On behalf of the people of Libya I thank all those nations who have stood shoulder to shoulder with the Libyan people at their hour of need.

This support will never be forgotten.”“However it is now that the Libyan people have pushed forward that the support and protection afforded by UN Resolution 1973 must be unwavering. Any loosening of the support on the ground risks making Libyans vulnerable, particularly as they now push forward to Tripoli.”On Gaddafi’s regime he said “The world has now seen how Gaddafi continues to use the Libyan security forces to systematically kill and oppress civilians.

This killing must be stopped.”Looking to the future, Prince Mohammed said:“It is my hope and firm belief that Libya will be free from the murderous tyrant, his family and regime very soon. When that happens it is essential that the brave Libyan people move forward in the spirit of national unity, just as they have done over the past month.”