Prince Mohammed El Senoussi, addressed Libyans across the world in a statement posted on his website (, on the six month anniversary of the uprising in their country. He paid tribute to what he described as, “many brave people with a determination for Libya’s freedom and the country’s future.”

He said: “Day after day, week after week, most of the nation has stood together, united against the tyrant Gaddafi as brave freedom fighters have taken up arms.

“They have come from all over Libya and have united in their efforts to rid the country of evil.

“They are together as one in their endeavours. And their staunch bravery on the front lines will bring unity to our country.

“They are patriots. They are heroes. They are the real people of Libya."

“And during this holy month we owe it to the memory of the brave Libyans who have fought for freedom and paid the ultimate price with their lives that we never forget the sacrifices they have made.”

Since the February uprising in the Libyan eastern city of Benghazi, Prince Mohammed has been active within the international community, communicating with state leaders to sanction a ‘no fly zone’ ahead of the United Nations Security Council’s mandate and meeting senior government ministers and officials in the UK and France. A trip to meet political leaders in Rome is also planned.

From his London base Prince Mohammed has also worked with Libyan expatriates to send food, clothing and medicine to his homeland, plus he is building relationships with charitable organisations, particularly those focused on child welfare.

Prince Mohammed’s speech concluded: “United we must fight for a new society in which the freedoms and rights of the people come first. We must protect the rights of each and every Libyan and ensure that never again can a tyrant take lives, steal property or misappropriate our country’s wealth.

“Libya’s future must be in the hands of the Libyan people.”