20 OCTOBER 2011

Prince Mohammed said: “The flag of freedom is now flying in Sirte and across Libya on this historic day. People throughout Libya took up arms just eight months ago and in that short time they have been united in their resolve to rid the country of evil.

“The men and women who fought so bravely to bring about peace and freedom will be forever in our hearts.

“None of us today – or in future generations – will ever forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives for a new Libya.

“There will be challenges ahead as we seek to rebuild our country. But if we show to the world that we are committed to democratic change and continue to display the unity that has led to victory then Libya will succeed and prosper.

“Freedom, education, healthcare and sharing the nation’s wealth – all of which have been cruelly denied to Libyans for more than 40 years – must become the new cornerstones of our society.

“The new Libya must be organised under the rule of law and there is no greater time than right now to demonstrate that commitment by ensuring there are no acts of vengeance against Gaddafi’s supporters and that justice is dealt with by the courts.

“Today begins a new chapter in our history. I look forward now with confidence that the people of Libya will build a future we can all be proud of. Now is the time to put freedom and the sanctity of life at the heart of our society and to put the era of terror and oppression behind us.”